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Kickstarter for The Realmsic Conquest Trilogy

It’s go time people! The Realmsic Conquest has launched its first Kickstarter for The Realmsic Conquest Trilogy. We are excited super excited about the next phase for King Maebus and Warlord Damian. There will be limited edition paperbacks, hardbacks, art, and more!

The Kickstarter campaign will not only allow for the promotion of The Realmsic Conquest book series, but also provide an opportunity to promote literacy to school age readers. Our goal is to provide free school appearances and public library readings, while also completing the next two novels.

With your support, The Realmsic Conquest will be able to reach a larger audience of teens and young adults who may need a story such as this in their lives. Growing up has no instruction manual, and a lot of times the only guidance or encouragement young people receive in their lives is from the stories they read. Readers can identify with characters who are very much like themselves, and see first hand how they overcome overwhelming adversity. Check out the Kickstarter for more information!