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Who We Are – The People of The Hero of Legend – Warriors & Clans

This week we are exploring the different communities that make up, The Hero of Legend.

Legion of Warriors

A fighting force established by the Warlord Damian during his initial rise to power. Using the wealth obtained from his father’s conquests, Damian visited the most ravaged lands of the Realm and provided support to those battered by endless war. He proclaimed that the Realmsic Kingdom and their magic is what caused their continued suffering. Therefore, he would lead them into righteous triumph against the kingdom to eliminate all magic, and to re-claim the Realmsic land for themselves. For the loyalty of his Legion of Warriors, Damian promised riches beyond imagination, and unabashed retribution to all who opposed them.  

The Cyperus Clan

A nomadic group of warriors who live isolated and often migrate their entire population to various locations throughout the Realm. Their roaming society was established hundreds of years ago in an effort to escape the continuing Realmsic conflicts. The Cyperus Clan is solely led by an Elder who is typically deep-seated in tradition, and encourages balance with one’s environment. From childhood, both males and females are taught combat and basic survival skills. Such practices not only strengthen their defensive capabilities, but also reinforces the level of discipline their society relies on for its strict solitary existence.

There are many personalities within the Realmsic Kingdom. Some err on the side of good and are easily spotted. Some are darker, more sinister, and can be missed if not watchful. Then, there are those who walk the line between good and evil as if it were a tightrope. The one thing all these people have in common is the question of choice. So, which is your chosen path? 

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