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Who We Are – The People of The Hero of Legend – Laymen & Magicals

There are many personalities within the Realmsic Kingdom. Some err on the side of good and are easily spotted. Some are darker, more sinister, and can be missed if not watchful. Then, there are those who walk the line between good and evil as if it were a tightrope. The one thing all these people have in common is the question of choice. So, which is your chosen path? This week we’ll explore the different communities that make up, The Hero of Legend.


This ancient Realmsic word meaning “Common People” is used to identify the non-magical community within the Realm. While some Laymen simply choose not to practice magic, others share a long-standing grievance against it. They view the use of magic as unnatural, and are distrustful of all Magicals.


A term that refers to all magic users within the Realmsic Kingdom. These individuals have learned energy-manipulation either formally or informally, and have incorporated varying degrees of magic-use within their daily lives.

Is a person who will do anything for victory evil? Can history be used as a weapon? Can a king who has only ruled for six days save his people from doom? Find out this summer!

Realmsic Conquest - Hero of Legend - 2nd EditionHero of Legend coming in August 2014!

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