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What is the Realmsic Conquest?

‘Self-Help Fantasy’ is the term used to describe the coming-of-age stories by Demethius Jackson. The Realmsic Conquest, his two-part book series, contain invaluable life-lessons within a world of wizards and magic.


Both novels take place within the fictional land known as the Realm –earth’s only magical kingdom. Since its establishment, the kingdom has struggled to end an eternal war caused by its magic. The Realm’s newest leader –King Maebus, has only ruled for six days. Yet now, he must overcome his own insecurities and inexperience to guide his people through their most perilous conflict ever.


Jackson believes that readers of all ages will strongly identify with his books. By experiencing how the characters confront problems, readers will be inspired to overcome their own life’s challenges. Hence, the self-helping aspect of his stories.


After the Realmsic series gained traction through Dallas-based fan expos such as Dallas ComicCon, Jackson successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign to expand awareness of the new genre and promote literacy in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


Within his Kickstarter video, Jackson alluded to his motivation for pioneering this new book genre. He stated that growing up came with no instruction manual, and that sometimes the only guidance or encouragement young people received was from television programs, movies, and books. Jackson experienced this first-hand growing up in Washington, DC during the 1980’s. Although coping with extreme hardships, continuous encouragement uplifted him above those obstacles. Now, through his self-help fantasy series, he intends to encourage other teens and young adults who are working to reach their potentials.


Demethius Jackson is an alumnus of American University’s School of Communications in Washington, D.C. Throughout his career, he held positions at global media and cinema companies. In July 2010, he published his first book.


Initially releasing The Realmsic Conquest as a completely rhyming epic-adventure, he spent the following years expanding the story of the Realm at the request of fan-feedback.


Books by Demethius Jackson

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