From its establishment, the Realmsic Kingdom has never known peace. As the world's only magical kingdom it has suffered endless war, and the price of peace may lead to its total destruction. King Maebus, the Realm's newest leader is young, inexperienced, and has only ruled for six day. But now facing annialation, he must guide his people through their most perilous conflict ever.


Maebus, the Realm's newest king, is young and inexperienced. When he loses his magical kingdom to a powerful, merciless Warlord, Maebus seeks the prophetic Hero of Legend who can save the kingdom. But instead, he uncovers a magical secret that will destroy it.


The compelling saga of the Realm continues when a darkening sun threatens to destroy the world. Grand Wizard Kelm races to retrieve the Icon of Earth - an ancient relic with the magical power to counter the threat. However, mistrust and mishaps run rampant as he encounters unlikely allies and a technologically advanced enemy willing to stifle his efforts at all cost.


The saga of the magical Realm dramatically concludes when allies of the kingdom are suddenly killed by a vengeful spirit from the after-life. More victims are promised. Unable to defend against spiritual warfare, Grand Wizard Kelm must acquire the Essence of Ether - a magical poison that will allow him to cross into the spirit world. But their ethereal enemy grows ever more powerful, and gleaning the secrets of the after-life leads to a sacrifice that will change the fate of the kingdom forever.


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This is not your traditionally written classic epic-adventure. You will instead be immersed into a fully rhyming audio-adventure of magic and mayhem! Featuring a full audio-scape of music and sound effects, The Candle of Crest is unlike any other audiobook you've heard.

As Earth's only magical kingdom defends against ruthless invaders, a darkening sun now threatens to destroy them all. Each side seeks the Candle of Crest, a magical relic with the power to counter the threat. But disaster is coming, and time is fading faster than sunlight. The Candle of Crest is a fully rhyming epic-adventure and audiobook. It follows the storyline of, The Icon of Earth -- Book Two of The Realmsic Conquest Trilogy, written by award-winning, best selling fantasy author, Demethius Jackson.


Demethius Jackson is an award-winning, best selling author living in Dallas, TX. He is the author of the Realmsic Conquest Trilogy which chronicles the struggles of earth’s only magical kingdom.

The young adult fantasy trilogy was first released in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats. Jackson later adopted mobile and 360 technologies to bring his stories and characters to life.

Jackson is an alumnus of American University’s School of Communications in Washington, D.C, and is a native Washingtonian. Throughout his career, he held positions at global television and cinema companies.