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A new magical series joins the list of the best fantasy books. The Realmsic Conquest Trilogy chronicles the saga of the world’s only magical kingdom and their quest for peace.

What if magic only existed in one kingdom on earth? Imagine being able to do things no one else could! Then, imagine the envy, hatred, and fear the rest of the world would hold against you. Very soon, you’d discover that magic was both a blessing and a curse.

From its establishment, the Realmsic Kingdom has never known peace. King Maebus, the newest leader has only ruled for six day, and must now guide his people through their most perilous conflict ever.

Realmsic Book Two
Realmsic Book Three


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Demethius Jackson


Demethius Jackson is an award-winning author and host of the Chapter One Podcast living in Dallas, TX. He is the author of the Realmsic Conquest Trilogy. The trilogy has quickly joined the list of the best fantasy books. It chronicles the struggles of earth’s only magical kingdom.

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