The Essence of Ether – Book Three – The Realmsic Conquest Trilogy

Celestial mayhem! A supernatural threat leads to a magical journey into the after-life that triggers spiritual consequences.

The saga of the magical Realm dramatically concludes when allies of the kingdom are suddenly killed by a vengeful spirit from the after-life. More victims are promised. Unable to defend against spiritual warfare, Grand Wizard Kelm must acquire the Essence of Ether – a magical poison that will allow him to cross into the spirit world. But their ethereal enemy grows ever more powerful, and gleaning the secrets of the after-life leads to a sacrifice that will change the fate of the kingdom forever.

In his third and final installment, award-winning author Demethius Jackson has created remarkable characters in a harrowing, suspenseful, dark fantasy adventure. Experience why thousands of readers have become enraptured by the Realmsic Conquest Trilogy!